Need a website with engineering support?


Flexicloud is ideal for small business to focus on their core business and let us do the technical knowhow. We provide support and setup for:

Domain setup and configuration

Website design and hosting

Monthly statistics

We start from the first pixel.


Here are a few services that we can provide you with.

Domain registration

We register the domain for you, that is both for email and web, e.g.

We create the web domain: and domain for your for free.


We create the emails addresses for you in just a few seconds. We can even assist you setting up the email addresses on your devices.


Web design is the expensive portion of the web site and we assist you by paying it off in installments, thus NO starting lump sum.


We have a team of engineers standing by to assist with you queries. We do NOT run away after the website is live, we continue to support you.

  • Website ― monitoring

    We monitor your web site 24 hours a day 365 for uptime.
  • Website ― statistics

    We send you web site statistics, so you can see how many people get to your site.